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ANP Health is addressing America’s nursing talent challenges with its best-in-class international direct hire clinician services

Are your talent acquisition
budgets strained due to high-cost travel nursing or low-value, low-impact RPO models?

ANP Health stands out as a leader in addressing nursing talent acquisition challenges in the United States, offering top-tier international direct hire clinician services. Some key highlights include:

Key Advantages:

  • Top-Tier Talent: ANP Health takes pride in being the leading provider of international direct-hire nurses, offering fully accredited, licensed, and English-speaking candidates.

  •  Global Talent Pool: ANP Health’s talent pool consists of nurses from multiple English-speaking countries worldwide, ensuring a wide diversity and competence among the candidate group.

  • Comprehensive Support: ANP Health takes care of all the intricate aspects of the international nurse candidate process, providing end-to-end service.

  • Exclusive Candidate Sources:  ANP Health has exclusive channels and sources to find Foreign Educated Nurse (FEN) candidates, ensuring a steady supply of talent to meet any talent acquisition challenge.

Direct Hiring Advantages:

  •  Stable Workforce: ANP Health commits to sponsoring its nurses’ green cards for a minimum of three years, providing long-term stability and retention.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Opting for direct hire with ANP Health can result in significant savings, surpassing $240,000 per nurse compared to staffing agency rates.

  • Dedication: Statistics show that international nurses are more willing to accept overtime shifts, take on challenging assignments, and commit for the long term to their employers.

ANP Health prides itself on being one of the few companies accredited by CGFNS as a certified ethical recruiter. CGFNS, endorsed by the U.S. Government (USCIS), is the largest accreditation agency for Foreign Educated Nurses (FEN) in the United States.

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We are accredited

by CGFNS as a certified ethical recruiter!

Thank you for trusting us and letting us guide you through each step of the credential validation process.

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